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2015 Summer Camp Registration is now open!

Synchro Mermaid Camp Aug 10 – Aug 14, 2015 $ 200.00
Synchro Mermaid Camp Aug 17 – Aug 21, 2015 $ 200.00
Competitive Synchro Camp Aug 17 – Aug 21, 2015 $ 325.00

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Mira Polski of KW Synchro on Rogers KWTV

Here is our preview video for the show tonight featuring Mira Polski.

The Home Team on Rogers Channel 20 KWTV

Wednesday, Mar 11 2015 at 9:30pm

Thursday, Mar 12 2015 at 11pm

Friday, Mar 13 2015 at 4:30PM

Saturday, Mar 14 2015 at 8am, 12:30pm

Mira Polski of KW Synchro – Waterloo Region – Rogers TV.

2015 Western Ontario regional championships

Winning weekend at the Western Ontario regional championships at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo.

KW Synchro had 12 podium finishes.

Gold medals went to:

11-12 solo
Cassandra Zavitz

13-15 solo
Beatrice Donahue-Power

11-12 duet
Cassandra Zavitz and Jessica Eret

13-15 duet
Lauren Mitchell and Grace Ohrling

13-15 team
Delaney Davis, Mira Polski, Allison McGrath,
Lauren Mitchell, Grace Ohrling, Jasmine Nay, Elizabeth Spence,
Bliss Donahue-Power, and Beatrice Donahue-Power

13-15 figures
Grace Ohrling

Silver medals went to:

11-12 team
Cassandra Zavitz, Jessica Eret, Veronika Kovacova, Ruby Lions,
Sarah McLaren, Erin Mitchell, Marisa Barbosa, and Alexandra Ghinea

13-15 figures
Elizabeth Spence

Masters solo
Ellen Scott

Bronze medals went to:

10 and under duet
Hanna Wright and Madeline MacNiel

10 and under team
Hanna Wright, Madeline MacNiel, Elle Schott,
Morgan Ellig, Maeve Donovan, and Emmanuelle Lavoie-Lemee

13-15 figures
Delaney Davis

Other top 6 finishes:

11-12 solo
Jessica Eret – 6th

13-15 solo
Nina Libant – 6th

16-20 solo
Bliss Donahue-Power – 5th

11-12 duet
Ruby Lyons and Veronika Kovacova – 4th

11-12 figures
Cassandra Zavitz – 4th

13-15 figures
Beatrice Donahue-Power – 4th
Allison McGrath – 5th

16-20 figures
Bliss Donahue-Power – 5th

West Regional Photos

2015 City of Kitchener Athletic Awards banquet

KW Synchro Atheltes received International, National and Provincial awards at last nights City of Kitchener Athletic Awards banquet.

Congratulations for all your achievements during the 2014 Season and being recognized and celebrating the spirit of sport.

2015 US 13-15 East Zone Championships

KW Synchro team bringing home Bronze medal!

Congratulations to KW Synchro team who competed this weekend at

the US 13-15 East Zone Championships.


2015 Leslie Taylor Provincial Championships

Congratulating Delaney & Elizabeth

on qualifying for the 2015 National Qualifier in Victoria BC!


Leslie Taylor Photos

2015 Waterloo Invitational

Waterloo Invitational Jan 24, 2015 Results


Lauren & Grace – 13-15 year olds – 1st Gold
Jessica & Cassie – 11-12 year olds – 3rd Bronze
Veronika & Ruby – 11-12 year olds – 6th


Cassie – 11-12 year olds – 4th


11-12 year olds – 5th
Cassandra Zavitz, Ruby Lyons, Jessica Eret, Veronika Kovacova, Erin Mitchell,
Marisa Barbosa, Camey Diong, Sarah McLaren, Alexandra Ghinea


Waterloo Invitations Photos

2015 Lisa Alexander Figure Competition

The KW Synchro Club got their competitive season off to a good start at the recent Lisa Alexander Figure competition at the Toronto Pan Am Sport Centre.

A big congratulations to all the swimmers on your first meet of the season!

Special congratulations to

Delaney Davis
who won the 13 year synchronized swimming Provincial figure title and a silver medal (ages 13-15)


Elizabeth Spence
who finished 4th (ages 13-15)

Other Top 12 Finishes:

13-15 age group

Grace Ohrling – 7th
Mira Polski – 9th
Lauren Mitchel – 10th
Allison McGrath – 12th

11-12 age group

Jessica Eret – 8th
Cassandra Zavitz – 12th

KW’s New Head Coach

KW Synchro is pleased to announce the arrival

of our New Head Coach, John Ortiz, to Canada!

KW Synchro is excited to announce the appointment of our new Head Coach, John Ortiz!  John brings a wealth of experience from his time swimming and coaching synchro in the United States, and we look forward to seeing him on the pool deck this season!

You can read John’s full biography here.

Welcome to KW Synchro John!

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