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Synchro 101

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Provincial Teams

KW Places 6 girls on Provincial Teams!

Congratulations to all KW swimmers during the team selections!

10& Unders – Invited to special 3 day camp in Toronto
Cassie Zavitz & Ruby Lyons

KW’s Delaney Klein was named
Head Coach of the 10& under camp

11/12′s – will compete at the UANA Pan American
Synchronized Swimming Championships
in Riverside, California August 12th to 16th
Delaney Davis
Alayna Innanen
Elizabeth Spence
Emma Spott

KW’s Samantha Kowalski was named
Assistant Coach of the 11/12 team

KW Ends 2014 Season Strong with Three 11/12 Teams,
5 Duets and 5 Solos competing in Ottawa at Trilliums


Congratulations to All Athletes and Coaches for a
Great Weekend at Trilliums!

10&Under Figures

Cassandra Zavitz – 2nd
Ruby Lyons – 8th
11/12 Figures – 6 girls advance to 2nd Phase Provincial Team Trials
Elizabeth Spence – 3rd
Emma Spott – 5th
Alayana Innanen – 10th
Delaney Davis – 11th
Beatrice Donahue-Power – 13th
Holly Leskovar – 19th
Butterflies – 1st
Hercules – 7th
Jazz – 12
Duets 10 & Under
Ruby Lyons & Cassandra Zavitz – 2nd
Hannah Wright & Madelaine MacNeil – 15th
Duets 11/12
Delaney Davis & Emma Spott – 1st
Clair Danis & Elizabeth Spence – 3rd
Myka Innanen & Alayna Innanen – 4thEliClair
Solos 11/12
Emma Spott – 1st
Delaney Davis – 4th
Elizabeth Spence – 5th
Beatrice Donahue-Power – 9th
Holly Leskovar – 11th
2014 Canadian Espoir Championship, Kamloops BC

KW Athletes bring home gold from Nationals

Delaney Davis & Emma Spott
bring home Duet Gold Medal at
Canadian Espoir Championships in Kamloops BC

del&emma duet

The girls gave two strong solo performances
with two more podium finishes in Solo
Emma Spott 4th and Delaney Davis 6th

Figures Results Emma Spott 7th and Delaney Davis 13th
Coached by Samantha Kowalaski

Ontario Age Group Championships

Ontario Age Groups Championships, Windsor Ontario May 21st to 25th Results

butterflies - Copy

CLUB AGGREGATE AWARD – KW SYNCHRO 3rd in Ontario out of 20 clubs


Oasis – 10& Under – 15th
Flower – 10& Under – 13th – pre-swimmer finals
Jazz – 12& Under – 12th – pre-swimmer finals
Hercules – 12& Under – 6th
Butterflies – 12& Under – 1st Gold Provincial Champions (22 teams)
Conga – 13-15 year olds – 18th (31 teams)
Frogs – 13-15 year olds – 2nd Silver


Maddie & Hannah – 10& Under – 13th
Cassie & Ruby – 10& Under – 2nd Silver
Alayna & Myka – 12 & Under – 1st Gold – Provincial Champions
Elizabeth & Claire – 12& Under – 2nd Silver
Lauren & Grace – 13-15 year olds- 8th
Justine & Maddie – 16-20 year olds – 10th


Mia – 13-15 year olds – 8th
Bliss – 13-15 year olds – 4th


10 & Unders – Congratulations you advance to Provincial Camp
Cassie – 6th
Ruby – 8th

11/12′s – Congratulations you advance to Phase II Provincial Team

Emma – 2nd
Delaney – 3rd
Elizabeth 4th
Alayna – 7th
Beatrice – 8th
Claire – 10th
Holly – 11th
Myka – 13th

13-15′s – 216 competitors

Bliss – 10th
Lauren – 16th
Grace – 29th
Mia – 25th
Alicia – 50th

Sun Shines for KW Synchro at Variety Village Invitational

Variety Village Invitational Results – May 3rd & 4th

Gold (5): 
13-15 Duet – Lauren Mitchell & Grace Ohrling (Coach Delaney Klein)
 11/12 Team – Butterfly Team (Coach Samantha Kowalski)
   Swimmers:  Claire Danis, Delaney Davis, Beatrice Donahue-Power, Alayna Innanen,
Myka Innanen, Holly Leskovar, Elizabeth Spence, Emma Spott
 10 & Under Duet – Ruby Lyons & Cassandra Zavitz (Coach Rachel Kowalski)
11/12 Duet – Delaney Davis & Emma Spott (Coach Samantha Kowalski)
11/12 Solo – Delaney Davis (Coach Samantha Kowalski)
Silver (5):
Age 16-20 Duet – Justine Aultman & Madison Kropp (Coach Jennifer Joseph)
 Age 16-20 Solo – Gillian Lampkin (Coach Rachel Kowalski)
Age 15 Congo Team (Coach Lindsey McCallum)
  Swimmers: Justine Aultman, Camryn Berg, Madison Kropp, Mia Lazarevic,
Maria Victoria Lenher, Kelsey Williams
 11/12 Duet – Alayna Innanen & Myka Innanen (Coach Samantha Kowalski)
 11/12 Solo – Emma Spott (Coach Samantha Kowalski)
Bronze (2):
-Age 14 Frog Team (Coach Delaney Klein)
  Swimmers: Alicia Campbell, Bliss Donahue-Power, Gillian Lampkin, Allison McGrath,
Lauren Mitchell, Jasmine Nay, Grace Ohrling, Miralys Polski
13-15 Solo – Bliss Donahue-Power (Coach Delaney Klein)
Hilton Worldwide Invitational Results


West Regionals Results


KW teams compete at Ontario Winter Games!



Next Recreational Program

Registration for our next Recreational Program

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  Programs will run

Tuesday nights Cameron Heights Pool 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Saturday mornings Forest Heights Pool 10:30 to 12:30

Sunday afternoons Waterloo Swimplex 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

If you have any questions about these programs please email us at
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City of Kitchener Athletic Banquet

Congratulations to the KW Swimmers and Coaches recognized at the City of Kitchener Athletic Awards Banquet!